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9 innings per game started He fashioned his own scenery, authentic mlb jerseys marionettes, post-149955 and authentic baseball jerseys China lighting effects and 20608 gave puppet productions of Strindberg plays in which he spoke all the parts."[10][11]Bergman attended Palmgren's School as a teenager. His school years were unhappy,[12] and he remembered them unfavourably in later years. In a 1944 letter concerning the film Torment (sometimes known as Frenzy), which sparked debate on the condition of Swedish high schools (and which Bergman had written),[13] the school's principal Henning Hkanson wrote, among other things, that Bergman had been a "problem child".

[14] Bergman wrote in a response that he had strongly disliked the emphasis on homework and testing in his formal schooling.In 1934, aged 16, he was sent to Germany to spend the summer holidays with family friends.